How do I sign up?

It is important that you create an account prior to starting your adventure on Urent. Ensure you verify your account before booking a vehicle via the email we send to you. Upon verification, we will approve your account and you can then proceed to book a vehicle on Urent. Verification may take 24-48 hours.

Security is our priority, when it comes to vehicle listings, we always ensure the hosts are verified before listing a car on our platform to prevent any poor customer experience. If we deny your application, we may request for additional information; Renters will also need to be verified prior to renting.

How do I choose a vehicle?

Once you are verified on the application by simply uploading the correct documentation. You can then proceed to navigate through a wide-range of vehicles available on the application, listed by multiple different hosts.

Do I need to wait for the host before booking?

We always advice all our renters to contact the host prior to placing a booking on the vehicle. If the vehicle is readily available on the application, the renter can then proceed to place a booking on the platform. The booking will remain under “pending” status until approved by host. Once the booking is approved, the renter will gain access to the host’s cell-phone number to coordinate pick-up and Drop-off.

How do I pick up and return?

Every host listing a vehicle on the platform enters the location of the vehicle which is readily available to be displayed under vehicle details. If the vehicle was requested to be delivered by the renter, then the host should pick up the vehicle from the renters physical location. Otherwise, the renter will pick-up the vehicle from the specified location, and drop-off the vehicle to the same location upon ending the rental period.

Are there discounts on your trip prices?

There are weekly, and monthly discounts automatically applied on the platform upon selecting the dates when booking the vehicle.

Can I cancel the trip?

You have up until 24 hours prior to when your rental is due to cancel the trip. If its cancelled less than 24 hours before the trip, a 10% penalty will apply on the total trip price, meaning the individual responsible for the cancellation only redeems 90% of the total trip price.

Are there prices per distance?

Every Host sets their own rules on every vehicle, under host rules, the renter can see the mileage limit of every vehicle, and the extra charge per kilometer.

Are there more details I can know about the host?

We always work with very credible hosts and ensure their vehicles are always accurately listed. We provide you with details about your host so that you can know who they are. You can check their profile to see additional information about them.

Are there any additional details I need to know?

The main goal behind the Urent platform is establishing trust between the Host, and the renter. Any further details required by either party can be gained via communication on the Urent platform.

Will I be charged at checkout?

Once you successfully place a booking on the Urent platform, the amount will be temporarily blocked by the payment gateway provider upon entering credit-card details, and completing the booking process. In the case the Host declines your rental request, you will immediately be refunded the full amount. In the case that the renter approves your rental, then the host will redeem the amount via the in-app wallet.

What details do I need to pick up a vehicle?

Upon vehicle pickup, the host may ask to verify your drivers license to ensure that you are the same individual of which is renting the vehicle. Urent always forwards all required documents to the host prior to rental period. This is a commonly used method of 2-step verification by the host.

What can I do if the vehicle is not in good condition?

If the vehicle is in poor condition, or unfit for the road, then immediately contact the Urent Support Team who will then get in touch with the host to replace the vehicle. Urent does not tolerate having vehicles that are mechanically or cosmetically poor delivered to the customers.

What can I do in the case of emergencies?

In the case of any emergency, we encourage every renter to immediately get in touch with the vehicle owner who will then provide the assistance that you require. In the case that the host fails to cater to your needs, the Urent Team will get involved to resolve the matter.